Three Farmers and a Greek Cape to Cairo 2011

Statistics:                                                 20 May 2011

Longest day in the Saddle     08:43 Day 21 – Nairobi to Marsabit (Kenya)
Most Concecutive days ridden    10 Days – Cape Town to Kande Beach (Malawi)
Total time in the saddle        8.9 Days

Longest Single Day Ride      706 Km on Day 3 – Upington to Mariental (Namibia)
Longest Stretch of Gravel   344 Km on Day 30 – Lalibela to Mekhele (Ethiopia).
Total distance covered       13 998 Km
Average Distance per day  359 Km/day

Min Temp      11 °C on Day 32 at Debark (Ethiopia)
Max Temp     52 °C on Day 33 at Gedaref (Sudan)
Most rain on Route 2 hrs on Day 11 – Senga Bay to Kande Beach (Malawi)

Bike Performance
Avg.fuel consumption          20.9 Km/L
                                        4.79 L/100Km
Oil consumption                2,333 Km/L
                                        0.04 L/100Km Avg.
Avg. Top Speed                112 Km/h
Avg. Speed                         70 Km/h
Fastest day                        98 Km/h average on day 3 – Upinton to Mariental (Namibia)
Slowest day                       32 Km/h average on day 22 – Marsabit to Waldaa Village (Kenya) 

Cheapest Petrol                R 1.91 /L on Day 43 in Aswan (Egypt)
Most expensive Petrol  R 25.00 /L on Black Market at Kande Beach (Malawi) Total Fuel used per bike 679 Liters

Best Road                       – Day 45 Road along the Red Sea (Egypt)
Worst Road                     – Day 15  Road from Iringa to Dodoma (Tanzania)

Elevation                     – Highest point 3 258 m above Sea Level on Day 28 – Bahir Dar to Lalibela (Ethiopia)
Elevation                     – Lowest point 12 m below Sea Level on Day 1 – Cape Town to Springbok (South Africa)
Most Scenic Day           – Day 32 Aksum to Debark (Ethiopia)

Best Food                        – Day 14 Old Farm House at Kisolanza (Tanzania)
Biggest Scare                 – Day 37 Pushed off the road by bus – Meroe to Atbara (Ethiopia)
Worst Accommodation – Day 21 Jey-Jey Hotel in Marsabit (Kenya)
Best Accommodation     – Day 46 – InterContinental Cairo Citystars Hotel (Egypt)


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  1. Bennett

    The late Billy Rowles would have made your butt a lot more sore than it is now.

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