Prepairing the Bike

We will be travelling with two pre – 2008 KLR’s as well as two newer models. A lot of research was done to decide on how to prepare the motorbikes for the journey.

2010 KLR2006 KLR           

Bike Modifications for trip through Africa

Last Update:     10/02/2011


A full service will be done before we leave. All wear items will be replaced.

List of wear and service items to be done:

Check/flush and replace brake fluid with fresh  
Clean the oil screen  
Clean/check carb bowl/jets and float height  
Flush and replace coolant with fresh  
Replace brake pads.   
Replace cables. Route the old current cables alongside the new for easy switch out.
Replace light bulbs.  
Replace oil filter and oil with good quality HD oil (Rotella etc)
Replace sprockets and chain with new, good quality items.
Replace tires with good quality long-lasting semi-knobbies.
Replace/check battery – Gell type battery recommended.
Replace/clean air filter  
Set valve clearances to the LOOSE end of the Kawasaki spec
Tighten and threadlock all external frame nuts/bolts – incl engine mounts,
exhaust shield, exhaust clamps, etc.  

It was recommended to look at various modifications to make the trip more comfortable and safe. Here is a list of changes we have done to the bikes.




Enhanced performance


After Marked Exhaust Camel Pack
carburetor needle shimmed (1 washer) Dry Bag
  Side Panniers.


Tank Bag.
Airhawk Seat Top Box.
Bash Plate – aluminium  
Battery – Gell Tipe


Centre stand Doohickey Kit Modification.
Cowasaki Sheepskin pad. Oil Drain Plug – Magnetic.
Crash Bars  
Cruise Control


Cruise control. 12V Accessory Plug
Foot Peg – 8.8 Grade Bolt Upgrade Kit GPS with mounting bracket and wiring.
Foot pegs – Serrated. HID headlights.
Hand Guards – Barkbuster. Volt meter – LED in dash.
Handlebar risers  
Heated Grips


Heavy-duty sub frame bolts kit. Aftermarket fork boots
Highway bars. Front fork brace
Side Stand – Lowered Big Foot. Progressive 11-1151 Front Springs
Windshield – Tall Wide Rear Heavy duty Progressive shock and spring

Wheels and Tires

  Heavy duty tubes

It is wise to get familiar with how your bike works and how to fix minor problems. You will at some stage have to get your tool kit out to tighten loose bolts, change or clean a filter, change a tyre, fuse or light bulb.

KLR before.

KLR After – enough to get some guys very worried and others very upset!


Norman at work, sorting out a radiator leak.


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