We have used Mapsource on a PC for planning the route. We have also used Garmap’s Streets maps for SA, as well as Tracks4Africa for the areas not covered by Garmaps.


  •  Plot the different days individually and alter the name by renaming each day for example “Day 01 – Cape Town to Vioolsdrift”, “Day 02 –     Vioolsdrift to Windhoek”.

  • Take note of the distance for each day and also the time estimated, calculated by Mapsource. This will help you to make minor alterations to make each leg achievable.

  • You could also identify certain Way points that you wish to go by, which are not necessarily indicated on the maps and create them to be used in you route.

  • Once the route has been plotted, then it could be transferred on to your GPS. At the start of each day you could then select the particular day from the list on your route options and activate it.

  • It is also wise to take notes of each days Destination Coordinates and keep them on hand to punch in on other GPS’s that does not have the route download options. Give this list to all parties in the group so they could enter the data in at the start of each day.

General Tips:

  • Make sure that all GPS’s are configured the same with regards to preferences on the type of roads to take for example shortest time or shortest distance, roads to avoid, U-turn policies etc.

  • Use a good road atlas to guide you to choose certain roads and points of interest, when plotting your route on Mapsource.

  • If you use the planned route as a guide then alterations can be made as the trip progresses. Road info might be out dated and tips from other travellers en route could guide you to rather use another route than originally planned.


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