This is a guide of what we intend to carry with on our tour.

Accessories Guide – Cape to Cairo 2011


Bike Spares & Tools

Riding Gear / Clothing

Air Filter Balaclava
Break Pads Bandana
Clutch Cable Belt
Electrical Tape Bicycle riding pants
Engine Oil Casual shoes
Front Sprocket – 15 Ear Plugs
Fuel Filter Helmit
Oil Filter Kidney Belt
Rear Sprocket – 43 Long sleeve Shirt
Selection of bolts, nuts and washers. Long sleeve survival vest
Set of bulbs – H7 55W Rain Suite
Set of fuses Riding Boots
Small tub of Grease. Riding Gloves
Throttle Cable Riding Goggles
  Riding Jacket

Tool Kit

Riding Pants
3/8″ Drive Ratchets and Sockets Short sleeve vest
Chain Braker Shorts
Chain Press Tool Kit Socks
File Trousers
Pliers T-Shirts
Screwdrivers Underwear
Set of Allen Keys  
Small Hacksaw and spare blades.


Spanners After Shave
Stock Tool kit. Baby Wipes

Wheels and Tyres

12-Volt Compressor. Shampoo
90 degree valve extension Shaving Cream
Heavy duty tube – Back 130/80×17 Small Towel
Heavy duty tube – Front 90/90×21 Soap
Puncture Repair Kit Toilet Paper
Spoke Key Tooth Brush
Tyre Levers Tooth Paste
Valve puller  

Medical Supplies

Navigation & Communication.

Anti-fungal Ointment
Camera / Camcorder Anti-inflammatory Tablets
Camera Batteries Antiseptic Cream
GPS Bandages and Tape
Guide Books Broad-based Antibiotics
Intercom – Scala Rider Q2 set Cold and Flu Medication
Laptop Power Cord Diarrhoea Tablets
Maps Eye Drops
Memory cards Insect Repellent
Mobile Phone Latex Gloves
Modem for Internet Malaria Prophylaxis
Phone Charger Pain Medication
Route Notes Personal Prescription Medication.
Small Binoculars Plasters
Travelmate Notepad Re-hydration Sachets
  Set of needles & syringes


Sun Screen
Batteries Thermometer
Battery Charger Treatment for Burns
Bike Lock Tweezers
Bum Bag Water Purification Tablets
Bungee Cords  
Cable Ties – various sizes.


Duct Tape Cooker Stove
Fluorescent Marker Cooking Pot
Large Plastic Bags Cup
Lighter Cutlery
Money Bag Dishwashing Soap
Multipurpose Tool Drying Towel
Pen and Notebook Fuel/Canisters
Prattley Steel Putty. Plate
Q-20 Pot Scourer
Rock Straps Water Containers
Rope Water Purification Tablets
Sewing Kit Water Purifier
Siphone pipe.  
Small Calculator

Camping & Sleeping

Small Gifts Ground Sheet
Spare Keys LED Lantern
Sun Glasses Pillow
Superglue Self Inflating mattress
Torch Sleeping Bag
Wallet Spare Nylon Rope
Washing Powder Tent


We intend to take some video as well as still photographs. For this purpose we decided on two cameras namely the Drift HD170 Action Camera with its Helmet mount and remote control switch. The other camera is the Panasonic DMC – FT2 camera that does HD video as well as 14MP still photography. A special bracket was invented to mount this on the Helmet as well.

The idea is to download the video and photo footage from the Camera’s SD cards on an external hard drive after each day.


Make sure that your GPS has a secure bracket and that you could easily see it while you are riding.


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