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Some general photographs in the different areas where the foursome lives.

The Great Winterberg, 7 770 Ft ASL


Grass Veld in full seed - Post Retief

Mist Belt in Post Retief

High carring capacity

Food for the soul

Oyster Bay in the Mecca of Dairy

Oyster Bay, part of a great Dairy area

Oyster Bay from the Air.

Oyster Bay a Birds-eye View

Water, precious water.

Water, precious water!

Tsitsikama Mountains

Tsitsikama a major Milk producing area in South Africa.

Dairy Cows Grazing on pastures at Sunset.

Cows, hard at work before dark.


Dairy near Oyster Bay viewed at Sunset


Sunset over Tsitsikama Mountains


Sunset in Tsitsikama

The Winterberg

Life of a Farm boy


Sunset at Brandkop


Winterberg with mist early morning

Didima with mist, early morning

Small Winterberg

Post Retief after good summer rains

All about getting ready - Rufus' off on Mpofu road, after rains.

Dairy farm near Oyster Bay

Lightning and Laura

Water precious water

Snow on Fairview

Krom river mouth - TBM850

Beautiful Food

Thunder Clouds


Sheep 1

Sheep 2

Sheep 3

Sheep 4

Bennetts Bushman Caves

Brad Pics

De Waal & Greg

De Waal, Ross, Laura & Greg

Greg Canoeing on farm dam

Happy Sheep

Laulie & Tanna

Tanna & Laura with Snowman




3 responses

  1. Ongelooflike website. Sterkte met die beplanning en rit. Fotos baie mooi.

    February 26, 2011 at 06:44

  2. More pictures please. They are breathtakingly beautiful, and make me very homesick! Hope the donations start to pour in very quickly, you four are doing so much it seems somehow only ffair that the general public should support you. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    February 20, 2011 at 18:30

  3. montyme

    Amazing website … I am in awe of it and it makes me so incredibly homesick! Must say I am worried about you all – take care and be careful in these worrisome times in Egypt, Libya etc. Rufus … let me know if you want a bank order sent or will an Aussie Dollars cheque suffice – maybe if I do a money transfer it may be the easier way to go. Let me know what you think. Thanks Jane

    February 19, 2011 at 12:10

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