The Group

Short introduction with a photo of each one of the four bikers.

Richard Bennett

Richard Bennett

Richard Bennett

Richard Bennett (50) is a sheep and cattle farmer near the small town of Adelaide in the Eastern Cape. Farming is his passion and the only bike he has ever ridden is the old one on the farm, so it came as a total surprise to his family when he purchased his bright green KLR to attempt this trip. With a year of preparation, and the support of his wife and children, and the involvement of the other 2 farmers and the Greek, he is now ready to tackle the exciting dream of Cape to Cairo on a bike.


Rufus Dreyer

Rufus Dreyer

Rufus Dreyer

Rufus Dreyer (41) lived his whole life on the Farm Killaloe in the Post Retief area north of Adelaide. He and his lovely wife, with their three sons moved to a Dairy Farm near Oysterbay a few years ago. He has always loved new challenges and bought his KLR in 2010, after talking to Richard. Life is short, opportunities seldom reoccur and tomorrow might be too late….

Norman Emslie

Norman Emslie (53) father of three adult children and the only grandfather in the group. Together with my wife Cheryl, son Brad, we farm merino sheep, beef cattle and Angora goats.  I have been farming in the Adelaide district for more than 30yrs. Until now life has been about work and very little play. I have no illusions about this trip being daunting, however it must surely be an experience of a life time and I feel very privileged to be part of this group. On reaching Cairo my son Dale (who is working in Dubai) and two of his mates will be riding 3 of these bikes back to S.A.

Stelios Georgiou

Stelios Georgiou


Stelios Georgiou

Stelios Georgiou (42) co-owns a family Retail Business with his brother. He was born in Cyprus. Age 3, his family immigrated to Fort Beaufort, where he is currently residing with his beautiful wife, who is expecting their first child. A few years ago he developed a passion for biking and since then never looked back. With a sense of adventure, and never known to turn down a great challenge, he is more than ready to bite the dust all the way to Cairo with a great bunch of guys.


3 responses

  1. karynromeis

    My late father-in-law attempted this trip all on his own before my husband was born (probably in the late 50s). He didn’t succeed, but I really hope you guys do!

    March 8, 2011 at 16:41

  2. rossbennett1993

    Monts men will be men just you wait and see how much fun they gonna have

    February 16, 2011 at 10:07

  3. montyme

    Tingles down my spine just thinking about it all. Have a good time, love you dearly Rich -you are the best brother in the world. Take care, Boet.

    February 14, 2011 at 02:38

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