A dream…..

Richard Bennett was sitting in his “bakkie” one day, waiting for his staff to gather a flock of sheep, when he received a phone call from his friend Stelios. They were just having a relaxed conversation, talking about business and why life is such a race. Stelios mentioned to Richard how he always dreamed of riding into his home town in Cypress on a motorbike, all the way from Fort Beaufort. Richard responded and said that he often though about a similar trip through Africa from the most Southern tip to the most Northern tip. He continued and said that he had recently watched the DVD of Charlie Borman and Ewin Mcgregor with their Epic journey on the Long way down.

They both went quiet for a moment after which Richard said “Swaer, we must do it…….!!” A few days later Richard saw his friend Rufus at a Braai and told him all about his dream. With big eyes Rufus said that he would be in, if given half an opportunity, not realizing the consequence of what he had just committed himself to. Richard very excited could not wait to phone his good friend Norman, who immediately showed interest but wanted to pass it by his “Boss”.  After some nifty footwork and competent negotiation skills, on Normans part, the answer given to Richard was …”I’m in!!!” So this is how the Three Farmers and a Greek came to being.


One response

  1. montyme

    Good luck Boet, Norman, Rufus and Stelios!
    What a wonderful trip you are all going to have … so very proud of you. We will be endeavouring to watch/catch up on your every move from Australia. Take care good luck, stay safe and have fun. Hugs and kisses Mont and family

    February 14, 2011 at 02:37

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