Adelaide Hospital


The Adelaide Provincially-aided Hospital is a small 60 bed rural hospital situated in the Eastern Cape.  We are almost equi-distant from East London and Port Elizabeth but situated approximately 200 kilometres inland from the coast.

Historically, the hospital was built by the community in partnership with the Cape Provincial Administration of September 1959.  As a Provincially-aided Hospital we are subsidized by the Department of Health by 90%, this being essential, as the majority of our patients are indigent patients.

We aim to provide a comprehensive medical service to the 20,000 odd people that we serve.  Our community is directly involved in the Management of the hospital and the Hospital Board, the overall Governor, gives direction and guidance to the Senior Management Team.

The Ladies’ Board of Aid is responsible for the fund-raising for this little hospital and organizes and co-ordinates all this fund–raising.  This essential source of income is vitally important and enables us to purchase diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, together with facilities which ensure the comfort of the patients.

We have a long and proud history of community involvement and up to 40% of all our patients attend the hospital from neighbouring towns.  We admit in excess of 3000 patients per year and do approximately 500 operations, of which 15% are classified as major operations.  We deliver almost 300 neonates per year.

Our Mission Statement is:
To empower Adelaide Hospital to deliver quality, cost effective and excellent health care through an integrated health service, at all times considering the needs of the patients in totality – physically, spiritually and emotionally.

The hospital is delighted to be a potential beneficiary of the Three Farmers and a Greek Motor Bike Ride through Africa.  We have given them our undivided and complete support and we are very grateful that they have chosen us to be a beneficiary.

We can assure you that any monies raised and given to the hospital will be earmarked for the direct benefit of many patients.  We will be offering our medical support to the team.

M.B.Ch.B.  D.A. (S.A.)


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