(Day 44) Aswan to Luxor – 14 May 2011

Distance for the day    – 213 km
Odometer – 13 156 km
Hours on the Bike        – 03:21
Donations up to date for Adelaide Hospital – R 129 756.50

We left this morning for Luxor. It was a scenic ride all along the banks of the Nile with a lot of contrast in colours. The massive River Nile with its beautiful clear water runs through the rugged dry landscape of Egypt. There is a green narrow strip, where farmers cultivate the land on either side of the river, with Palm trees everywhere to see. We assume that these trees together form some kind of canopy / green house effect to protect the crops from the scorching sun. Flood irrigation is used to irrigate the small patches of land under various crops.

Small patches of land with fertile soils

Many Palm trees creating shade.

Lots of Lusern are grown.

Tractors with loads of Sugar Cane.

An Irrigation canal next to the River Nile.

Riding through the Dessert of Egypt.

We reached Luxor midday and decided to see some historical sites. Luxor was built around the 4000-year-old site of Thebes, the ancient capital of the New Kingdom; contemporary Luxor is an eccentric combination of provincial town and staggering ancient splendour. The concentration of monuments is extraordinary: they tower incongruously above the buzz of everyday life and make this a most compelling destination. Some of the most famous places to visit is Karnak, Luxor Temple, Valley of the Kings, Memorial Temple of Hatshepsut and the Mummification Museum.

Stelios at the Luxor Temple.

Richard choosing the ride.

We only had time to go to the Luxor Temple, which was amazing. The scale of the Temple and the craftsmanship was astonishing. We also visited the local bazaar and later went for a ride on one of a white-sailed feluccas, on the Nile. This was very relaxing and a good way to see many of the historic places. Luxor is also currently like a ghost town with vacancies in most hotels and after speaking to some locals we were told that business is down 90%. This is a result of the political unrest that has been going on, especially in the north, the last few months. Everybody is however positive that things will change for the better soon.

Richard relaxed on a sailboat on the Nile.

White sail Feluccas.

Sunset in Luxor.

We hope to have an early start tomorrow to head on our last long stretch of 531km’s, east to the Red Sea and then turn north along the coast to a Holiday Resort, Hotel Mar Rojo, some 200 km’s before Cairo. This should give us a short day to Cairo on Sunday. We had a very pleasant surprise with an offer by Paul Shenck, the Executive Assistant Manager of Intercontinental Hotels to put us up in Cairo, thanks to the initiative of Anton v Zyl.


2 responses

  1. Good to see Cheryl and Dale with you. yea it is a pity that Norman could still not be part of the team. The photos are absolutely amazing. Great that you can share it with us. Enjoy the last long ride – life will change again and this will become well earned memories in the distant future. Well done.

    May 14, 2011 at 08:08

  2. montyme

    More amazing photo’s and posts. Thank you! I think I went through the same emotions you did when I read about your little panic attack sorting your gear, Boet. My first thought was ‘Oh @+? not the passport.’ Thank heavens it wasn’t, don’t think we could cope with another disaster like that! Take care, stay safe … Not much further to go now!

    May 14, 2011 at 06:19

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