(Day 40) Day 1 of Leasure at Wadi Halfa – 9 May 2011

Distance for the day    – 0 km
Odometer – 12 572 km
Hours on the Bike        – 00:00
Donations up to date for Adelaide Hospital – R 103 797.00

We had a good nights rest in our dodgy hotel and Richard got a big fan from one of the other guests, which was running at full blast throughout the night. We had a room on the western side of the building which meant that the afternoon sun baked it like an oven and it actually was cooler outside on the veranda then inside the room.

The Kilopatra Hotel in Wadi Halfa.

When we woke Richard asked “Were there mosquitoes last night or are these flea bites?” pointing to some red spots on his body. It could be anything from mosquitoes to bed mites, who knows? The commonly accepted standards regarding ablution facilities, accommodation and personal hygiene are definitely at a different level in this part of the world. The ablution facilities are probably the most intimidating. You have a cold water shower, with an additional cold water tap near a squad toilet, all cramped into a little cubicle. There is no toilet paper, just a plastic container that you fill with water from the tap to clean your behind. We have tried to buy toilet paper at several places with no success. At a “restaurant” last night Richard asked for a napkin and then the waiter returned with a bar of Life Boy soap and a some water in a plastic container. The waiter then helped him clean his hands on the spot. – when in Rome………

The town of Wadi Halfa has a weekly schedule of people coming in from outside to catch the once a week Ferry to Aswan via the Nasser Lake. The closer you get to the departure day, which is Wednesday, the more people there are in town. Everybody is in a relaxed mood, walking around and visiting the street shops. Travelers meet and exchange tips and stories of their experiences that they had from where they came from. At the port big trucks are offloading cargo that will be loaded onto a barge, which leaves every Thursday. Vehicles and motorbikes are also loaded on this.

We worked a little on our bikes today, and disconnected the side stand switch on Stelios’s bike. It still cuts out from time to time and we are running out of ideas. We then went for a ride to the Port and also had a swim in the green Pea soup-like water of the Nasser Lake.

Stelios preparing us with a nice cup of Greek Coffee.

Birthday party - Antonie and Linkie Venter, from Pretoria, who turned 62 today.

Road leading to Port.

The level of the Nasser Lake does vary during the course of the year.

Waldi Halfa Port.

Rufus in front of a Cargo Barge.

The waiter at the restaurant asked Rufus to help him write an E-Mail to an Australian girl he had met before. His English was bad and he needed help. One does not realize how one-sided the internet world is when you are from a nationality that does not speak English and a language with a total different alphabet like Arabic. Mohammad was dictating and Rufus writing. “Dear Clare. This is Mohammad who you met in Khartoum. How are you? I am fine. We had good quality sex in February on the ship – I always remember” Rufus paused and thought that maybe he needs to make sure of the facts. Ten minutes later the sentence was changed to “Remember, we met on the six of February on the ship, which was great and I will remember it for the rest of my life” The E-Mail was sent and Mohammad was clearly very proud and happy. We all hope that he would get a good response.

Climbing a rocky hill in town.

View of our Hotel from one of the nearby hills.

Sunset over Wadi Halfa.

We are still waiting for our passports and bumped into Magdi during the course of the day. He was confident that we will get it by tomorrow. We were unable to get first class cabins, but at least have a place booked on the ferry.


3 responses

  1. montyme

    I agree with Oom Jan … would be wonderful if your journey continued back down a different path, however you would certainly need new bikes and no doubt your families are missing you heaps and want you home. Someone suggested your next venture be to do the same around Australia. I would love that … show the Aussies how to do it!!! Hope you get your passports back soon with the relevant “Alien” stamps in them. xxx Jane and family

    May 10, 2011 at 14:37

  2. Ek stem saam met Erna. Ek dink dit is ‘n goeie plan dat julle weer terug ry, maar net met ‘n ander roete en nuwe foto’s. Ek raak ook ongeduldig as die verslag nie gou genoeg deurkom nie.
    He vandag ‘n lang gesprek met Norman gehad. Hy is natuurlik baie teleurgesteld maar grootmoedig genoeg om sy situasie te aanvaar.
    Mooi ry verder en ek vertrou dat julle julle paspoorte met die nodige stempels betyds en goedkoop genoeg gaan terug kry.

    Oom Jan

    May 10, 2011 at 14:19

  3. ernaloretz

    Hahaha Rufus hoe lekker lag ek nou vir jou spitsvondigheid! Glo my dis nie net ek wat hierdie daaglikse nuus gaan mis as julle terug is nie! Ek en Arthur kyk omtrent wie lees dit 1ste, ek wen gewoonlik, want ek kry dit op my selfoon. MAAR dan mag ek niks vir hom voorlees of vertel nie, hy wil dit self op sy rekenaar kom lees en foto’s kyk!
    Baie dankie daarvoor, was baie opwindend, die foto’s asemrowend en die inligting baie interessant! Weet nie hoe jy nog daarvoor tyd gekry het nie.
    Kom veilig terug.

    May 10, 2011 at 12:25

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