(Day 7) Katimo Mulilo to Vic Falls – 6 April 2011

Distance for the day    – 229 km              Odometer – 3 453 km
Hours on the Bike        – 02:53
Donations up to date for Adelaide Hospital – R 46 627.00

This morning we awoke with very high spirits and a few chirps were flying about the Hippo’s that were making a noise; or was it some tired bikers just snoring the night away?


Sunrise over the Okavango River

Packing went quicker and much smoother than before, but Stelios had a bit of panic when he could not find his riding boots. He forgot them at the showers the previous night and then Rufus hid them from him.

The Border post between Namibia and Zambia took 2 hours and was quite an experience. We were expecting to join a long queue, but for some reason were directed to bypass all this and do all the paperwork.


Border post at Katimo Mulilo

Border Post at the Zambian side.

We then hit the road for Livingstone. It was very evident that we were in another country, with a lot more people and more potholes in the roads.

Pedestrians along the roads in Zambia.

Beautiful Country side in Zambia

A sign post in the middle of no where inviting advertising.

The journey, however was enjoyable and we all were looking forward to getting to our camp early and view the falls. It was also going to be a very close call with our petrol range, seeing that we did not fill up at Katimo Mulilo. Well, 16 km’s from Livingstone Big Boy Norman ran out and Rufus and Stelios pulled off to siphon some of their petrol to give to Norman.

Norman siphon petrol.

Half an hour later we all filled up at our destination. We had a light brunch and commented how well everything has worked out so far, unaware that this would change in the next hour. We were riding towards the Falls when we had to stop at a Police roadblock. This by now was just a formality, but not this time.

The officer asked to see our drivers’ licenses and also wanted our Toll certificates, which is a document that you buy to allow you to travel the roads of Zambia. We were not aware of this and nobody told us at the boarder post. The only documents we could show was a Carbon Tax document and a home Affairs document that we bought at the border post. He then wrote us out a fine and we still had to get a Toll certificate. All this took us nearly two hours, with four very grumpy men, some more than others. The Policemen also advised us to buy special road insurance, seeing that our Comesa insurance according to him was worthless because SA is not a member of Comesa.

The Falls was a bit disappointing, because you could not see anything due to the spray. The river is in full flood and we all got soaked in an attempt to get to all the lookout points.

Bridge over the Zambezi near Vic Falls.

The mighty Victoria Falls

Heavy mist rises from the water falls.

On top of the falls

We are camping at the Maramba River Lodge and had to pitching our tents in light rain.

Maramba River night seen.

Tomorrow it is off to Lusaka where we are going to get the back shock of Richard’s Bike sorted out – it has collapsed and all the oil has run out.



One response

  1. It wouldnt be an adventure if there werent a few mishaps along the way – I hope they all stay minor ones – enjoy!! PS. The photos are great and beat the view from my office window by miles

    April 7, 2011 at 08:07

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