(Day 3) 2 April 2011 (Upington to Mariental)

Distance for day          – 706 km             Odometer – 1 679 km
Hours on the Bike        – 07:09
Donations up to date for Adelaide Hospital – R46 627.00

The stay in Upington was most enjoyable. Arthur bought some meat and we had a “braai” on a dek on the bank of the Orange River. Rufus had to catch up on the Blog, which meant that we could only leave at 07:30.

Richard having a look at the Blog.

We said our goodbyes to Arthur and Tinnie on their GS’s who now turned back home. I overheard one of them say “Now we can at least ride a good pace without all the volume of the noisy KLR’s”.

Arthur and Tinnie leaving the group.

The initial plan was to head to Keetmanshoop for the day but the ride went so well that the plans changed to aim for Mariental, a further 337 Km’s.

The border post went smoothly with no hold-ups, except for Mr. Bennett that somehow dropped his bike right in front of the immigration office. We all had a good laugh and a few cable ties came to the rescue to fix some synthetic damage that was caused by the fall.

South African Boarder Post.


Richard, looking like a Helicopter Pilot with all the gadgets attached to his helmet - Intercom, Ipod ...

Namibia is looking stunning after some very good rains. Sections of road have been washed away and are under construction. Lots of big criket-like insects, “koringkrieke ?” were seen on the roads and it was fascinating to see the hundreds of huge colony nests on the telephone poles, all along the roads.

Hundreds of Colony nests on telephone poles.

The grass at some places reaches the fence lines and very little commercial stock was seen.  The Landscape varies a lot with some areas very flat and others with hills and beautiful rock formations.

Lots af grass after good rains.


Grass galore.

We had brunch at Karasburg, a small town west of the Border Post, on the B3 high way. The lady at the Cafe was very friendly and while taking our orders she asked where we were going. Ricahard answered and you could clearly see that she was shocked. “Cairo?? Egypt?? she repeated. I will have to remember to put us on her prayers list!”

We got to Mariental after sunset and decided that we once again will have to postpone our first nights camping. We all had just got off our bikes at our overnight stopped when Stelios arrived. The parking area in front of our accommodation had lots of loose gravel, which Stelios did not realize. There was just one big roar from the old thumper and when we looked back, Mr. Georgiou was down. Seven hours in the saddle has brought its toll. It luckily was at a slow speed, with no injuries. A debate was then started about why it had happened, with some more laughs. We are currently a day behind schedule with nearly 350 km’s extra travelled because of the bike problems. This we hope to catch up in days to come.



4 responses

  1. … This is AWESOME. I enjoy recognising places and sights along roads from my trips with Tomlinsons & Chris Troskie. Stayed at Maramba & Lake Malawi. This too big to imagine. Well done guys and thanks Rufus for taking us along for a ride with you!

    April 12, 2011 at 08:51

  2. sophiastylianou

    ah well done guys!! such a great thing you guys are doing! stelio i remember when you first told me you were going to do this! now you’re in namibia already! good luck with the trip- looks like you guys are doing great so far!! what a nice blog- and such nice pics! enjoy and have a good sunday!!

    April 3, 2011 at 12:54

  3. rossbennett1993

    Wow that’s awesome

    April 3, 2011 at 09:35

  4. montyme

    More wonderful photo’s and comments. Am so enjoying it al. Well done and keep up the good work

    April 3, 2011 at 09:20

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