Day 1 – 31 March 2011 (Cape Town to Springbok)

Distance for day           – 595 km                           Odometer – 595 km
Hours on the Bike        – 06:40
Donations to date for Adelaide Hospital – R46 647.00

At long last D-Day has arrived. Last night we all had a farewell dinner at a restaurant in Green point with family and loved ones. It felt a bit like the feeling you get the night before going back to boarding school after a lovely weekend at home, for those that remember the school days. It was a mixed feeling of great excitement with a sad feeling because of having to part in a few hours time.

Norman Cheryl and Stacey

Richard and Erica

George and Stelios

Rufus and Anne

Tom and Nicholas proudly wearing their Cape to Cairo Caps

D-Day, March 31, started with an early wake up call at 04:00. We all got dressed and started packing our bikes. At 05:00 the camera man for Agri-TV arrived, to film some footage for of the events for the first part of our journey. Later we all gathered at Green point Stadium and gave the final goodbyes to family and friends before departing at 06:30 following a Harley Davidson of James Black in the lead.

Last Fair-well at Green Point Stadium

We were informed about road works on our chosen route from Cape Town, then decided to take the west coast road. An easy decision without knowing the implication of the “detour” – the first day had more than 700km’s to travel, with interruptions for interviews etc.

Early morning along the West Coast

Every daylight hour was needed to reach Augrabies. We soon realised that the GPS does not always warn you of the types of roads you will encounter. We ended up taking a sand road from just before the town of Klawer, which brought some anxious moments up, because of lots of soft sections and some other areas with mud sections after a thunderstorm.

Fun for some and a bit of a nightmare for others

Route plotted on GPS

Soon after Klawer, Rufus complained about his bike, loosing power and using oil. It soon became evident that the group would not reach Augrabies and settled for Springbok instead, with the hope to get mechanical help. This was to no avail and the team got stuck in and started to strip Rufus’s bike.

Rufus's bike without air filter cover.

This was unsuccessful and all went to bed, exhausted, still not knowing what the problem was.


One response

  1. montyme

    Hi guys … wonder where you are and what is going on now. Do hope that the bike has been sorted out and that you are ready to ‘rock and roll’ again. Am loving the photo’s and comments … did you camp your first two nights and how was that. Wonder where you are now. I am got quite a few Aussie’s following you now too. Everyone very interested (some of them with the possibility of eventually trying to do it themselves!!!) Good luck, Godspeed and stay safe. xxx

    April 2, 2011 at 01:21

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