28 March 2011 – Nerves.


It is only 3 Days to go and excitement is slowly being replaced with some nervousness. Is it really going to happen? We got our Passports and visas back today, what a relief. Rufus is heading off to Cape Town tomorrow and the rest of the group follow on Wednesday. Everybody is trying to do all last minute things and Richard even mowed the lawn today!

Best wishes and good luck messages are coming in fast with the odd person that you bump in to on street asking “when did you come back….?”

Thank you for all the good wishes – here is one we like to share.


Haggis Black.

“Dear James

Thank you for being prepared to get up at 6 a.m. to the Greenpoint Stadium to see off our mates, the Three Farmers and a Greek….on their trip from Cape to Cairo.

As explained briefly, besides being a great male menopause adventure…their objective is also to raise funds for the Adelaide Hospital.

The group comprises

1. Rufus Dreyer: a Winterberg farmer who is now based in Tsitsikamma on a dairy farm. Rufus is the main organizer, the IT boff, the WEB boss and, undoubtedly, the ‘smoothest’ of the group. Thank goodness they’ve got this man, otherwise they probably wouldn’t get further than Stellenbosch!! (Richard is notorious for his  love of red wine!)

2. Norman Emslie:  A giant of a man, physically and of heart, and, as you know, Bradley and Dale’s father. He is also a Winterberg farmer. Fortunately his daughter Stacey looks like her mother and has her charm… I think they are taking Norman as a stabilizing factor…One, as the bouncer, and two, to keep the centre of gravity of the group low enough so they don’t topple over!! He is also being taken along to consume beer….

3. Richard Bennett: Another Winterberg farmer of blue berry fame…and a hyperactive fox terrier who has to be fed Ritalin regularly!!!  He’s a real character and hopefully Norman will keep him away from any dreadlocked pigmented Central African road block cops!  It’s difficult to get him to stop talking after a bottle of red. A man of great character with huge enthusiasm and an infectious laugh.

4.  Stelios Georgiou – the Greek, who runs a very successful Supermarket business in Fort Beaufort.  I think the Three Farmers held the poor man down, anaesthetizing him to say Yes he’d join them. I think Stelios is going to be the designated medic, mechanic and rudder for the group.  The little I know of Stelios is that he’s a great guy and the sort of bloke one would take into a war!

 Norman Emslie’s cell phone no:  0724082083. Perhaps you could contact him and arrange to meet and even perhaps have a drink with them the night before….

If you could just tell them, at the point of departure, that Adelaide Hospital and the entire community wishes them well and is appreciative of their support for us…and Bon Voyage!

Enjoy meeting them! How I wish that we could be doing this together with them!

Love Dad.”


One response

  1. Awesome you guys. I will be at Green Point to see you off. We do your trip in January, so are keen to follow all your action. Go safe, and go dry.
    Mal Taylor

    March 30, 2011 at 09:34

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