25 March 2011 – Steak Evening

Adelaide Round Table Steak Evening.

Round Table 194 Steak Evening

The Adelaide Round Table hosted a very successful steak evening last night at the Adelaide Golf Club. There was a great turnout of people and a festive atmosphere prevailed with good food in great company. Johan Kapp, vice chairman of Round Table EP area welcomed everybody and handed over to Chairman, Chris de Wit, of Adelaide Round Table 194.

Johan Kapp welcoming everybody.

Chris de Wit  took the opportunity to hand over R15 000 to the Three Farmers and a Greek in aid of the Adelaide Hospital.

R15 000 cheque handed over to Three Farmers and a Greek

Chris de Wit handing Richard a cheque for R15 000 for the Adelaide Hospital.

Richard Bennett, then thanked the Adelaide Tablers for their generous contribution and gave a short breakdown of the itinerary and some general information regarding the planned trip.

Richard Bennett at his best!

Rob Tomlinson auctioning a bottle of wine.

The proceedings were concluded with an auction of a bottle of wine, by Rob Tomlinson, sponsored by Garry Pagel.

Adelaide Round Table 194 with"The Group"

We as the three Farmers and a Greek a privileged to be part of such a great community – Thank you Danie Ferreira and the whole team at Adelaide Round Table.

Children keeping them selves busy.


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