9 February 2011


50 Days before we leave!


Letters to various sponsors were posted today by Dr. vd Westhuysen. We hope that there will be a good response.

Richard and Stelios have sent their bikes through to Peter Twistle in King Williamstown to have them prepared for the journey. This includes a good service and inspection of all the different parts. As a precaution certain parts like sprockets and chains will be replaced. New tyres with heavy-duty tubes are also fitted.

Norman had some work done on his Doohicky recently(Balancer chain). This was after he experienced some nasty vibrations on the trip that we did to Baviaans Kloof and “Die Hel”. He will also take his Bike to Peter. Rufus is still enjoying his bike on the farm and plans to send it to someone in PE, closer to the time. He had an unfortunate experience with his bike, which started to use oil a few months ago. The dealership was most helpful replacing the rings and sleeve and the problem seems to be rectified.

Elma Troskie is in charge of putting a little information sheet together of all the places we intend to visit. This should give us a good idea of what to look out for where ever we go. We will share some of this with you on the Blog.

We also intend to do a little First Aid course, which Dr. Black kindly offered to help us with. Norman, Richard and Stelios have already gone for all the various vaccinations that are required for the trip through Africa.


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